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What the heck is a Goddess session?!

Early on I wanted to try my hand at Boudoir photography. I found the versatility of it fascinating while still being able to stay within a general set of technical rules. I could play with lighting and posing and expressions as I could with other portrait photography but felt a different spark of creativity with it that excited me!

A bonus to shooting boudoir is that reaction I'd mentioned in my other post - it brought this to an entirely new and heightened level! I've had women come to me shy and uncomfortable and within an hour be sprawled out on the floor in their lingerie just shooting the breeze like it was an every day experience. This comfortablilty comes from my personality, but also from my process. Women get to see the awkward vulnerable poses after I take shots and realize that they can look just as amazing as all the images that they've seen of other women.

I love the feeling of changing a women's body image in only an hour - or less! I love saying "trust me" with their stretch marks and "pooches" and all the bits and pieces that they don't like about themselves and that trust being not only found, but earned. I revel in women looking at themselves the way they look at other women who they admire. Being able to show someone what others see is amazing to me! To add to that, there's the fun and challenge of adding the mood...edgy, seductive, sexy, sensual, flirty, shy, and so many combinations of that and more.

So how did goddess shoots start? What even are they? Goddess shoots are my evolution from boudoir to highlighting specifically the empowerment of women. I wanted to take the leap from sexy to strength and show that a woman can be strong without worrying about her skin. Boudoir shoots, to me, don't need to mean skimpy outfits. The general population, however, does interpret boudoir that way so I decided to create my own category!

I have been lucky over the last several years to have these incredibly strong women in my circle. I've seen them grow and become successful in handfuls of ways ranging from business owners to bakers to mothers to masters of their crafts and beliefs and degrees. I wanted to celebrate them! But how? And that's where I transitioned into my goddess category. Goddess photos are meant to express the success and strengths and confidence these women possess. If you're doing a goddess shoot you're coming to me because you want to show off your bad assery, your strength, your power, your femininity, your confidence - or your journey in becoming any or all of those things, whenever you may be at with it.

These are, hands down, my favorite photos to take. The passion the women have is the same passion I feel for photography. There's an infectiousness from the women that can't be denied and it's beautiful and inspiring! These shoots challenge me to not only be more creative and unique with my images in order to give value at least equal to their value, but they also challenge me to be more like these women. I want to show them off to the world!

Goddess shoots are something I hold close to my heart as I feel it's something exclusive that I offer as it's own category. I often feel that I fall short in comparison to other photographers when it comes to getting my work seen. I've never been great at advertising and tended to focus more on the sessions themselves than how to get clients. This is something I hope takes off like wildfire. This is something I want people knocking on my door for...not for the money, truly. I want to spread the strength and confidence of women and start a while damn revolution! Ok..that might be dreaming big and might take a while, but I'm here for it.

I'd really like to talk about this with you! I'm not looking for a booking or to schedule, but just to know how you feel after reading this. Do you think you're empowered now? Do you think I could help you see what your value and self worth? How would that look to you? What are your passions? What is your attitude about life? Hour can I help you grow and blossom from where you are now?

*Photography is my therapy*

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